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Pieceowork is the blog/website for my Etsy shop: JBHVintageHandmade. It’s where I’ll tell stories, make suggestions, and feature specific items available.

The shop sells vintage photographs in three forms: file downloads, prints, and ceramics. The downloads are scanned slides spanning the late 1950s through 1980s. My father, Harry L. Burnett Jr, a professional photographer, took most but not all of the downloads. You can find some of his work via the Library of Congress or the Architects Office of the Capitol, where he worked for 35 years as the first official photographer.

The shop also sells what I call Things to Put Things In: bags, totes, pouches, rolls, boxes, and bowls. Mom was an avid seamstress turned quilter. I inherited her stash but not the quilting bug. Combining our stashes into random acts of fabrics, I’m sewing (on Mom’s machine) self-storing shopping bags, tote bags, jewelry pouches & rolls, pencil/pen/crochet hook/knitting needle rolls, eyeglass cases, and anything that catches my fancy. Some patterns and kits also show up when I find things we bought but never got around to making.

As I went through the photographs and fabrics, I realized how their life together needed to be honored by something relatable, not just for my family but for others. This and the Etsy shop are my attempt to honor a 70-year relationship and my own education.

A word about the proceeds of the shop. Yes, Etsy and selling things starts off as a for-profit venture, but my goal is to honor my parents. In so doing, a portion of any proceeds will be donated to the following organizations: Alzheimers’ Association, American Heart Association, and a variety of personal charities.
Thanks for shopping and reading. Please comment but spare me your nasty, vindictive, or other bad behavior. You’ll be marked as spam if you do, and possibly reported. Just sayin’.

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