Someone Should…

I have spent a lifetime in meetings. I hate meetings. Always have, probably always will. Meetings are the corporate equivalent of Thanksgiving with your crazy uncle. You have to invite him, but you hate listening to him winge on about the sorry state of whatever his current thing is while he complains about the food. At the end of the evening, everyone has eaten too much just to keep from yelling, and everyone is exhausted. The host, needless to say, wants to throw out everything and jump off the roof.

The worst thing to hear in any meeting is: Someone should… It may be a fabulous idea and may even be highly doable, but in my mind, if it’s a good idea and you had it, it should be something you want to be part of. So, instead of ‘someone should,’ why not start with, ‘I’ve noticed X,Y, and Z, and would like to do A,B, and C to solve or help. If anyone has any thoughts or wants to help me, let’s do this.’

I’ll go first: I’ve noticed that people like to take leftovers home at a dinner function for a needy population. I have committed to supply self-storing shopping bags for each family to take their leftovers home in this year. This solves a couple issues: taking things home from the event and taking things home in the future. I’ve talked about the charges in town for plastic bags. Now, they have a bag for whatever they need to bring home or bring with them. But it’s just the start.

Oh, I know! We have a lot of kids in crisis and need right here in my town. I want to make bags with soft, comfy, useful things in them like the prototype. And, it’s not just kids. I can make useful bags to carry essentials.

And so is born Unsewn Possibilities. Right now, it’s just an idea and a lot of fabric in my basement sewing room. But, the local police, schools, and my church seem responsive. So, I’m going to do it. I have 20 self-storing shopping bags on deck for the Thanksgiving dinner. The local police and elementary school are on-board with the kids’ bags. Will I need help? You bet. But right now someone is me. I should, so it’s starting in my basement. You can contribute by buying something from my Etsy shop, but if you don’t, this will still be done. It’s not someone, it’s me.

Now it’s your turn. What are you going to do?


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