Making a Menagerie

Knitting with double-pointed needles is a bit like using a ninja weapon. Points are everywhere and in constant motion, albeit slow motion. Knitting with double-pointed needles is not one of my favorite things. I much prefer circulars.

Knitting toys, however, is highly satisfactory. Smallish projects, completed in an evening or two, interesting shaping and construction techniques, minimal weaving in…it’s the best of knitting in my book. Progress and finished objects before I get bored. What could be better?

Well, in addition to all these knitting benefits, I’ve also gained a lap cat in the deal. The current stash of cats came here under duress. They spent three years (!) in the local shelter and had sensitive stomachs and twitchy personalities from the stress. Didn’t matter. They were a bonded pair and tolerated me. That was the relationship. I provide food and clean litter, a few comfortable places to sleep, and they (in turn) allow the occasional scritch behind the ears and proximity. No cuddling, sleeping together, or carrying around. They came to me. I was a servant.

Until about a year ago.

Oliver developed thyroid problems. Once those were under control, a tumor (most likely benign but highly annoying) in his sinuses showed up and makes him quite snotty and wheezy. It’s like having a toddler with a never-ending cold. But, like most toddlers, he now enjoys my company despite the undignified nose wiping I insist on.

And now my knitting is perfect, if pointy. We both are learning to cope with the small needles, fiddly shaping, and British murder mysteries on the television. Somehow, with all those pointy sticks, it makes for a perfect image. Now that Oliver appreciates my lap, perhaps I should use him as a bookrest so I can learn to read while knitting.