All the Appliances

Mushrooms were on sale; never a small enticement. Further down the aisle, leeks and parsnips. Visions of soup danced in my head. It is still soup weather in my world where the local Department of Public Works came through to clear out the cul-de-sac again yesterday, nearly a week after the blizzard dropped two feet there so our recyclables could be claimed without more loss of mailboxes.

Plans changed when stew meat was on sale and a small package jumped into my cart. This morning the thought of all that chopping became another chore, then I remembered my new food processor. My 30-year old one died from a broken bowl.

With the veggies sliced, I plugged in the next appliance to brown the┬ámeat. The veggies went into the pressure cooker. I even managed to open a bottle of red to add. The house smells of stew instead of cats. It’s a good thing.

Later I will pull out Mom’s Kitchen-Aid mixer to make peanut butter and jelly cookies for the Moms and kids who use the church on Wednesday. I like my appliances. I should use them more often. Thanks, mushrooms!